May Ipsy Bag 2014

It’s that time again! My second ipsy bag arrived earlier this week, and I have already been luxuriating in May’s Fresh Picks. This month’s bag is all about doing good things for your skin and hair. Lots of skin protectors, moisturizers, and animal friendly finds.

Most of you probably know about ipsy, the $10 a month subscription service that mails you 4-5 beauty products in a unique makeup bag. I love ipsy. It’s such a great value and has already gotten me clued in to some amazing new things. Check out the link at the bottom of the page to sign up for your own monthly makeup bag.



This month’s bag is a little canvas number with light green vines printed on the front. So easy to throw in my purse or clutch, and it’s a standout in the depths of my bag. But now to the goodies!

Pacifica Mineral Eye Duo: This set was the only bit of makeup in my bag this month and it’s a special duo made for ipsy. The shades are Celestial and Opal and are regularly part of the Mystical Palette, which has two additional shades and retails for $14.  Pacifica is all about natural, vegan friendly beauty. I’m typically drawn to these kind of shimmery neutrals, so I was excited to receive this duo in my bag. The formula is smooth but very sheer and it doesn’t build as well as I might like. I’ll still use these shadows but they might be regulated to highlight tones. Ipsters receive 25% off any Pacifica order though, so that may be worth investigating.

Avene Thermal Spring Water: I’ve never been so entranced with fancy water. Pulled straight from a thermal spring in France this spray is noted for its purity standards. Avene products are also ideal for sensitive skin. At first, I thought, “Seriously? Spray water is in my bag?” but I am in love with this little beauty. A light spritz is so refreshing first thing in the morning or after completing your evening skin care routine. Or if it’s hot outside, pop this in your bag for a bit of relief whenever you need it.  A full bottle costs $18.  But for the same price at you can get three of the travel sizes like the one pictured above. Ipsy is offering 15% on any Avene product through too, so it will be even cheaper if you’re a subscriber.

Hey Honey Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask: You know when you have a sunburn and it’s godawful but the peeling part at the end is kind of fun? This peel off mask is like that sensation without the skin damage and physical discomfort. Yay! It’s a clear mask that exfoliates and gets the gunk out of your pores. Their website recommends you lightly moisturize before applying and then lightly moistrize after taking the mask off. What I like to do is spray the Avene on before and then massage the pur~lisse into my skin after. My skin has never felt so lush and soft and pampered than when using this combo. Quite by accident, ipsy gave me my new favorite spa trio. Full size of this mask retails for $35, which you can get on

Jersey Shore Sun Sans Tan Anti-Aging Sunscreen: I’ve always been a fan of sunblock, but I never fully processed the difference between physical and chemical sunscreens. Physical sunscreens literally block or deflect the sun’s rays. Chemical sunscreens scatter or absorb the rays. This SPF 35 product is a physical sunblock because of its zinc oxide formula. It goes on thick and leaves your skin with a white cast, so use this product first then put your foundation on. While the phrase “anti-aging” is in the title, I’m not convinced it does anything more than protect you from the sun’s rays, which can accelerate the aging process if you overindulged. A full size product can set you back $40, but using ipsy’s code, you can get 30% off the full size.

Pur~lisse pur~moist hydra balance moisturizer: When I saw this product in the bag, I thought I would happily use my sample size and move on to other moisturizers. False. I’m in love with this pur~lisse product. It has a light, fresh smell and hydrates your skin all day. Some of the ingredients are blue lotus and white tea, which is what I think I’m smelling. So good! Full size versions of this retail for $55 but you can get 30% off any pur~lisse purchase if you’re an Ipster.

I’m so pleased with this month’s ipsy bag. It’s hard for me to estimate the value of the bag this month since everything is a sample size, but for $10 I am beyond thrilled. The discounts you get as an Ipster is also worthwhile.

Want to become an Ipster? Copy and paste the link below to get started…

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