Influenster VoxBox: Degree Deodorant

I’m really excited to bring you my first Influenster post.

And it’s about the often hidden or neglected armpit. Or more specifically, the product we use to make sure our armpits are not overly noticed–deodorant.

For my first VoxBox, I was sent Degree Women’s MOTIONSENSE Deodorant with 48-Hour Protection in the scent Fresh Energy.

Influenster is an online community where you review items from a wide array of ranges including beauty, food, and entertainment. Each review you submit on the website earns you points toward an expert badge, and these badges combined with your involvement on social media allows you to occasionally try products from different brands for free.

This box was sent to me for the purposes of review, but I promise to be 100% honest about how I feel about this product.

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The original Degree was one of the first deodorants I remember using as a pre-teen, and it is always in my brand rotation. What I’ve discovered about my body chemistry over the years is that I cannot repeat-buy the same deodorant back to back: if I do this, the product gradually stops working for me. Does any one else have this problem?

Anyway, I was glad to try this out and for the last two weeks have switched from my existing deodorant (Dove) to the Degree MOTIONSENSE. Here is what I have learned…


  • It’s a white solid deodorant but it doesn’t cake-up my underarms. If I put on too much I can still get the dreaded white marks on my clothes, but this doesn’t make my pits look powdery.
  • This weekend I went to a 90’s themed sleepover and gave the 48 hour claim a test: still felt fresh all through the next day. No reapplication.
  • The antiperspirant is great. I do not feel damp when wearing this deodorant.


  • I’m not a fan of strongly scented deodorant because I think it draws attention to my sweat. And the scent will linger on my clothes, which to me means I need to wash items after every wear. Doing laundry in a city isn’t cheap. Sometimes I’d rather stretch a t-shirt to two or three wears before washing (don’t judge me). Can’t do that with scented deodorant.

Even considering the above CON, the Fresh Energy scent is nice. The description of it includes raspberries, blackberries, lily of the valley, and tiare flower. So if I had to pick a scent (and for this deodorant, you do because there is no un-scented product in this line) I think Fresh Energy would be a good choice because it is less intense than the others. I still don’t like the added laundry problems, but this is manageable.

I was also excited to see Jasmine Harper from season ten of So You Think You Can Dance as the spokesperson for the brand. Apparently, Degree is the official deodorant of SYTYCD, which is kind of cool. Dancers definitely need their deodorant.

Overall, I’m pleased with Degree’s ¬†MOTIONSENSE deodorant in Fresh Energy and give this product 3.5 beauty bubbles.

If you want to talk about this product on social media, Degree invites you to use #DOMORE to start a conversation about how you do more with this product. (Telling you about the hashtag wasn’t a mandatory part of the review or anything, I just figured if you really felt compelled to talk about this product I could at least get you on the proper bandwagon.)

Hopefully, there will be more of these kinds of reviews in the future as I become more involved with the Influenster.

Thanks for popping in!

Product Review: Tom’s Deodorant

I can’t say that I’m the most health conscious person out there. I’m a hardcore carnivore. I’m a Coke addict (just to confirm, we’re talking glorious caffeine, not white powder). And my favorite form of cardio is a marathon day at the mall. At the same time, I recycle, buy free range eggs, walk everywhere I can instead of driving, and avoid veal and lamb (no babies in my diet!). So occasionally my better impulses win out.

My most recent attempt at positive change happened in the deodorant aisle at Walgreen’s about a month ago. I’ve been hearing rumbles about aluminum in big brand deodorants, and let’s face it, aluminum does not sound like something you should be slathering all over your armpits. So faced with the wall of choices at my drugstore, I noticed the Tom’s of Maine brand and its emphasis on a more natural personal care. Their Original Care deodorant is aluminum free and unscented, so it seemed like a good way to branch out into more healthy product use.

Picture above taken from the Tom’s of Maine website.

There are a lot of good things about Tom’s of Maine Deodorant. Their website shares every ingredient and explains the purpose of everything that goes into their products. There are no artificial preservatives, fragrances, or colors either. Original Care deodorant is also cruelty free, encourages recycling in both pre and post product use, and supports sustainable practices. All commendable, but unfortunately I’m not 100% convinced by the results.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using Original Care for about a month and while it works just fine for day-to-day use, I would not recommend this product if you plan on doing heavy activity. When I work out or it is hot outside, I sweat profusely. At the end of an average day, I smell fine and have no issue with Tom’s, but at the end of a day of exertion I’m a little too smelly for comfort. While Tom’s of Maine does make an antiperspirant, it uses the dreaded aluminum so it might be a give and take sort of thing.

I would cautiously recommend Original Care to someone with the caveat that you know your body better than I do. If you sweat often and are concerned about B.O., this is not quite the product for you. But if you’re only a ¬†mildly sweaty gal and don’t struggle with a…personal musk, shall we say…then you should give this natural product a try. I’m all for making positive changes in your daily life, but this one just wasn’t for me. Moving forward I will keep using the Tom’s of Maine deodorant for my run of the mill days, but I also bought some Dove deodorant for the rougher days on my itinerary.

Does anyone else out there know of a good aluminum free brand that handles B.O. better?