Mid-Week Manicure

Star Sprinkles!

Star Sprinkles!

Excuse the raggedy edges. I ended up cleaning my nails up more after taking the photo, but was too lazy to retake the picture. I was just excited about how my mid-week manicure turned out and needed to share!

My inspiration for this week’s nail look is one of my favorite TV shows from childhood, Rainbow Brite. If you’re not in the know (and if not, I highly recommend tracking this down on Netflix or some other streaming equivalent) Rainbow Brite details the epic journey of a young girl whose sole purpose is to bring color, light, and happiness to a colorless land, which in turn helps Earth retain its color. There are Color Kids who are responsible for mining Color Crystals, and anal retentive sprite named Twink, and a sassy faintly British horse named Starlite. And the villains who just want everything to be in black and white are called Murky and Lurky. It’s childhood perfection.

Rainbow Brite tossing out her magical Star Crystals like a boss.

Rainbow Brite tossing out her magical Star Sprinkles like a boss.

I seriously believe this show forever effected my sense of style and aesthetics because I’m all about bright colors. So when I found this glitter top coat from Geek Chic Cosmetics I had to have it! The formula has a clear base with small silver glitter pieces, larger multicolored circular glitter pieces, and some multicolored star shaped glitter pieces. Very multidimensional!

The look you see above was achieved with only one coat of Star Sprinkles. I love it over the white base for a more literal interpretation of the Rainbow Brite theme, but I think it would look great over other colors as well.

So for this nail look I used Julep’s Bunny as  a base with two coats. Bunny is a creamy white with subtle hints of golden shimmer. I’ve been using Bunny as a base for many of my designs lately, and it really works for my Rainbow Brite inspired look.  I also used Julep’s Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and the Oxygen Performance Top Coat, both of which are formulated to allow for more oxygen to reach your nail bed for healthier, stronger nails.

Geek Chic Cosmetics also have great shimmery eye shadow shades inspired by several of fantasies most beloved series. They sell their stock of a particular batch until they run out, so if you love it grab it! They have eye shadow collections based on shows/films like Harry Potter and Doctor Who and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The shadows all have names that we satisfy your inner geek. For example, I have a black shimmery shadow from their Win or Die collection called Brotherhood of Crows. Everything they make is also cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan friendly.

Star Sprinkles is currently on sale on the Geek Chic website for $4.99.

Julep’s Bunny is $14.00 for non-Mavens and $11.20 for Mavens (the name for Julep subscribers). If you’d like to become a Maven click here for a referral link.


Julep Plie Wand First Impressions

I love nail polish. But I’m also a sloppy manicurist. That being said, I don’t like to go get professional manicures because I had a nightmare scenario where my cuticle got ripped open down to the first knuckle. It scarred me for life. Not physically but definitely mentally. So, I’m a dedicated do-your-own-nails kind of gal.

Which is why I also got super pumped for Julep’s plie wand; an ergonomically designed tool that allows you more control with your polishing. I participated in the crowd funding campaign, which also means I prepaid for my May Maven box. Two birds, one very cool stone.

Image above politely borrowed from julep.com

How it works: the base has a magnetic connector, which attaches to a hollow cap. You can easily fit the hollow cap over most julep polishes by wiggling their own cap off, leaving behind what I’m calling the brush-cap. Using your dominant hand, you hold the plie wand like a pen between your thumb and index finger. Brush like normal. For your non-dominant hand the base of the wand gently rotates so it can be held in whatever way feels most natural. You really have to play with it, but that part is customizable to your own comfort level. This may sound slightly confusing but the plie wand is really intuitive.

Image above politely borrowed from julep.com

You can also purchase extra magnetic caps with precision brushes and some creativity tools–a striping tool and a dotter. All at a slightly discounted price, if you’re a Maven of course.

Since receiving my plie wand this month, I’ve used it three times. I’m getting better with every use, but here are my first impressions.


Even after one use my edges are cleaner and more precise, particularly on my non-dominant hand.

Easy to adjust to. Using the wand doesn’t feel like a beauty science project. It just makes sense.

Comfortable weight and easy grip.

Most Julep polishes’ top caps can be wiggled off to reveal a brush cap. Even the ones that came before the plie wand.

An increased sense of confidence in my polishing skills. Woot!



I’m stumped by how to fully clean the additional brushes I purchased for reuse. Even when I soak them in remover, I can’t get it all off.

Getting the interior brush-cap out from the magnetic cap can be very tricky. (Solution: take the narrow end of the wand and push the brush-cap out through the little hole on the top. Still, annoying though.)

Harder but not impossible to use with non-Julep polishes…hence my purchasing extra caps.


For myself, I have quite a budding collection of Julep polishes, so that last one might not be a big deal for me, but could certainly trouble you. Overall, I’m glad I purchased Julep’s plie wand. Since it’s user-friendly, I imagine I will only get better with the wand as time goes by.

Intrigued by the new tech? Get your plie wand here…

Plie Wand Page

Want to be a Maven? Click this link to get your first box…

Julep Maven