Rosy Fall Nail

Nail art has always fascinated and intimidated me. Over the past few months I’ve dipped my toes (and fingers) into the proverbial nail art water, but I had not tried anything too complicated. Until now.

My fall rose nail!

My fall rose nail!

Actually this look was not hard or overly complicated. It just has all the benefits of looking hard and overly complicated.

I was inspired by YouTuber cutepolish to give roses a shot, but I chose colors that were more inspired by the warm tones of autumn.

First, I put two coats of the cream colored polish over each nail and let it dry.

Then I cracked open my Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Tool Kit ($5.99) for the first time since purchasing it months ago. I could not be happier with this little kit!


The kit also comes with stencils, which I have yet to try but should be fun to play with.

The kit also comes with stencils, which I have yet to try but should be fun to play with.

I took the larger end of the dotting tool and made the base of my roses with the mauve shade. For most of my nails, three dots fit beautifully. But a few nails had two or four, so whatever you think looks good!

Then, using the detail brush, I added the pink over the mauve. Typically three brush strokes would do: two along the edges and a soft spiral for the center.

To finish the rose design I took the smaller end of the dotting tool and added two pale green leaves to every rose by lightly spreading the color around.

After one use I am such a fan of the Sally Hansen set! I cleaned the dotting tool and the detail brush with nail polish remover and a paper towel. That being said, you could definitely accomplish this look with a bobby pin and a toothpick or a pencil if you don’t want to spend money on this little set.

These roses were super simple but looked very chic. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails: so proud!

Polishes Used:

Base and Top Coat–Sally Hansen’s Double Duty

Background–OPI’s You’re So Vain-illa

Rose Base— elf’s Moo Mauve

Rose Detail–elf’s Bubble Gum Pink

Leaves–Julep’s Francis

Thanks for popping in!

99 Cent Store Haul

It has been a while since I’ve frequented a dollar store. Not because of some uppity disdain, but more out of poor proximity. Now a 99 Cent Store is just a brief walk away. It’s down the dreaded Maltman that I keep mentioning, but, hey, I’ll have great legs in no time living here!

Last Saturday when Marissa and I went to the farmer’s market, we also went to the 99 Cent Store. I can get into a fair bit of trouble at 99 Cent Stores because you can suddenly justify any and all purchases with, “it’s only a $1!” This is also why I don’t allow myself to go often, because it would get ridiculous rather quickly.

But the fun part of 99 Cent Stores is never knowing what will be there since their stock rotates based on brand availability and willingness to provide overstock.

There is a small beauty and personal care aisle, which is where the bulk of the items here came from.  I also bought a bag of Betty Crocker shortbread mix, a Coca-Cola glass, and an air freshener that smells like red velvet cake. See? Too easy to get into trouble!

As mentioned, everything below retails for $1.

Just looking at these dollar deals make me smile.

Just looking at these dollar deals make me smile.

Skinnygirl Face Solutions:

This is one of those products that I picked up because it was there and it was $1. I’m familiar with the Skinnygirl brand but didn’t realize it extended into makeup or skin care. The box says that the key ingredient is beet root extract, but that’s actually the last thing listed in the ingredients, which means there isn’t much beet root extract in this product compared to the first thing listed–water. I’m rather dubious about this product but for $1, I’ll give it a go.

Via Natural Ultra Care Vitamin E Oil:

I’ve realized that I love the way Vitamin E smells. That was enticement enough for me to add this multi-purpose oil to my bag. Supposedly regular use of this will grant longer, stronger hair. I’m in the process of growing out my hair, so let’s hope that’s accurate. But it’s also good for your skin. I’ll likely use it on my tattoos: taking care of your skin keeps the ink looking fresh.

e.l.f. Bronzer Brush:

This one isn’t as much of a steal as e.l.f. brushes are already priced in the $1-3 range. But I was excited to see any kind of e.l.f. product and the size of this brush would be great for contouring, particularly around my nose.

Sally Hansen nail polish in Pat on the Black:

Stunning mulberry wine shade. I haven’t put this one on my nails yet, but it is such a beautiful fall color. Definitely worth the $1.

My dollar store must haves.

My dollar store must haves.

Nature’s Own Paper Plates:

I consider these a beauty must have. I cut each plate into six pie-shaped pieces and store them with my foundation. When it comes time to use my liquid foundations, I pore a dime sized amount onto the plate and use my beauty blender or brushes to apply the product. I know you can use the back of your hand for this, but I’m guilty of forgetting that I’ve put makeup on the back of my hand after application and end up with patchy hands all day. I also use the plate pieces to put various nail polish colors on as a palette for nail art. Clean up is so much easier this way.

Nu-pore Nose and Face Cleansing Strips:

By far my favorite 99 Cent Store purchase. These are actually repurchases for me. I tried them on a whim, since Biore pore strips never really worked for me and these nu-pore strips are comparable to Biore. The nu-pore strips work 100% better for me than the Biore strips. No idea why, but I’m ever so glad that these are $1. At their cheapest, Biore strips are $6 and I can get the same amount of strips (6) for $2. I use these about once a week as needed.

So that’s my 99 Cent Store haul. All of these lovely products came out to $7, but I believe my total bill was $12.50 adding in the other non-beauty items and tax.

What goodies to you love from your local dollar store?

August Beauty Favorites

Tis that time again! Well, technically, it is past time to talk about what beauty tidbits I loved in August. Most of these were things I have had in my collection for several months but never quite made it into a favorites post. So today these products get their due. Let’s dig in!

August Faves in all their glory.

August Faves in all their glory.

Though it’s not technically a beauty product, this soft, snuggly, lavender blanket has been my favorite random item this month. My grandma bought it for me at Costco as a housewarming present when I couldn’t stop petting the darn thing in the store.


So good I don't want to stop!

So good I don’t want to stop!

The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Hydrating Toner ($13.00)

This is one of the only new items in my favorites this month. I bought this in a Body Shop Vitamin E kit for $20.00 at a TJ Maxx and when I couldn’t find my regular toner in the midst of unpacking I turned to this one. I’m actually upset about the prospect of switching back to my former toner now.  This Hydrating Toner has a light, clean scent that I can’t get enough of. My skin feels refreshed after I use it, and this product truly does hydrate my skin. I also appreciate that there is no bite to this toner but it removes oil and makeup with ease. Would highly recommend this product.




Rimmel Exaggerate Full Lip Colour Lip Liner in Eastend Snob 063 ($5.99)

Normally, I have no use for lip liners, but I stumbled upon this shade and decided to give it a go. The universe steered me right that day because this shade is perfection. For me, Eastend Snob is a my lips but better shade. I can wear it alone for a matte look or under a nude color for longer wear. The formula is smooth and doesn’t tug at my lips. The design of the product is simple but gives you more precision: when you twist the product up it comes up at an angle for an always slanted tip. No other lip liner has ever charmed me the way this Rimmel liner has!


The unsung hero of any beauty lover.

The unsung hero of any beauty lover.

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat (4.99)

These kinds of products don’t normally get a lot of love in favorites post but I am here to change that today! I used to have a terrible problem with my nails breaking whenever they got to a certain length. My friend, Elyse, suggested using some kind of strengthener and recommended a few from Sally Hansen to me. I have been using this as a base and top coat for months now and my nails seem so much happier. I won’t pretend this product cures all nail ills, but for my needs it has been fabulous. I’ve noticed my nails are less brittle and grow to longer lengths (when I let them) without breaking. And the shine this top coat gives is so glossy. I recently tried returning to my old O.P.I top coat and was terribly disappointed. This base & top coat might just be a holy grail item for me!




O.S.T. Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum ($24.99)

This is the first serum I’ve ever regularly integrated into my skin care routine. Months ago, back in November I believe, a blogger Suomica (she hasn’t been on in a while for personal reasons but I hope she comes back to the blogging community one day), did a post on this product and I was tempted enough to buy it. I got my bottle from a Korean beauty website called, and though it took about seven weeks to get to the States, this serum is worth the wait. I put it on every night before bed and my skin soaks it up. It’s supposedly 20% vitamin c and the website claims that it helps firm up skin, evens skin tone, and combats breakouts. As to the firming part, it’s hard to say, since I’m twenty-four and can’t tell if it’s tightening loose skin or not. I will say that my skin has looked brighter and it helps sooth breakouts. It doesn’t remove blackheads entirely, but I can tell when I haven’t been using this serum at night. Love the little apothecary style bottle and glass stopper too.


Probably my favorite palette of all time. No joke.

Probably my favorite palette of all time. No joke.

My three favorite shades from the palette. Top to bottom: Selfish, Stand-offish, and Seductive

My three favorite shades from the palette. Top to bottom: Selfish, Stand-offish, and Seductive

The Balm’s Nude ‘Tude Palette ($18.00)

If you’re a makeup fan, you’re probably curious about the price I’m citing here. I got my Nude ‘Tude palette on Hautelook for $18 when it’s regularly $36. This one purchase has justified my Hautelook account. These shadows are so velvety and soft I have to stop myself from randomly touching them and wasting product. My favorite shades are Selfish (silvery taupe), Stand-offish (golden pink), and Seductive (light copper). All of these shadows are blendable and have great pigmentation. This has been my go-to travel palette when I went home in July and then went to my friend’s wedding at the beginning of August. And I love the sassy pin-up girl pans! If you’re looking for a neutral palette, I would highly recommend the Nude ‘Tude palette, even at full price it’s still cheaper than Urban Decay’s Naked Palette (don’t get me wrong, I love that one too but sometimes you have to think of your budget first).

Hope you all enjoyed my beauty favorites for August!


June Favorites

Five Fabulous Favorites

Five Fabulous Favorites

This month, I limited myself in terms of my makeup purchases because I went a little loony in May.  So my favorites this month are all things that I’ve been trying for a few months. And I’ve loved them in these months, I’ve just been neglecting them in my favorites posts for some reason or another. But no more! These products will finally get the recognition that they deserve for the month of June.

*If I specify a store in the price, it means that that site or store offered a much better offer than the others when I did an online search.*


Easiest lotion ever.

Easiest lotion ever.

Vaseline Spray& Go Moisturizer ($5.99 at

Most of you have probably seen the commercials with the adorable hipster chick who can hop into her clothes super quick because this stuff dries that fast. I had so much doubt and a touch of condescension for that commercial’s promises. But after I read several bloggers recommend the Spray & Go I figured it was worth trying, especially with the price. Doubt and condescension gone, my friends! I’ve been trying to do a full body lotion treatment every day, and this spray makes that process simple and easy. For a spray it gives great coverage (you do have to rub it in) and it is true to its claim of being non-greasy. My skin feels soft and healthy. The lotion has a lovely, light oat smell as well. It’s a weirdly comforting smell for me. The line also has a cocoa and an aloe scented spray. I might try one of the others when I run out of this oat scent.


Pens! I know how to handle pens!

Pens! I know how to handle pens!

I Heart Nail Art Pens by Sally Hansen in Black ($5.99)

I am just starting to adventure into the realm of nail art. These pens by Sally Hansen come in a wide range of colors, but I wanted to start with the basics. I haven’t gotten too fancy yet–just simple dots and lines. But this pen is so easy to use. Shake and then draw. The formula is as opaque as a regular black nail polish and sets up incredibly quick. It’s as easy as handling a regular pen. For more advanced artists, I’m sure you could create some fantastic designs, but I’m thrilled with what I’ve created already. Check out one of my designs below.

Dots galore.

Dots galore.

The rich gingerbread-y brown here is a Julep polish by the name of Vera. All Julep colors are named after fabulous females.


Miracle is in the title!

Miracle is in the title!

L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur ($19.99 at Target)

Lately this has been my favorite primer. You could readily wear this by itself though. The Miracle Blur comes in two separate formulas, the regular and the oil-free. This one is the standard formula that has oil in its base, but I do not feel that it makes my skin all that oily. I have normal to oily skin so anything that makes me any more oily would not survive long in my collection. The Miracle Blur has an SPF 30 which makes it a great way to start your makeup. A pea size portion covers my whole face if I warm it up between my fingers first. It smooths out lines and pores and gives you that airbrushed finish we all crave. My skin has been on the dry side lately so I’ve been using this product with my next favorite  because the combo leaves my skin feeling supple and soft all day long.


All about that H2O.

All about that H2O.

Pixi’s H2O Skin Tint in Cream ($24.99)

I got this product many moons ago at Target, but I haven’t fallen in love with it until this month. Before I would use it for evening events where I had little prep time, like a random invite to the movies. It’s a quick blend and will get you out the door in minutes. The Pixi website claims that this tinted gel will give you a flawless, no makeup look. And that is exactly what it does. Not only is this one of the most hydrating things I’ve subjected my face to, but when it’s on my skin looks happier and healthier. More so even than when I use a BB cream. The tone of my skin is more even and has a natural looking glow without bronzer. It’s a water based formula, so it makes sense that it is so skin friendly.

Pixi H2O Skin Tint

Pixi H2O Skin Tint

You can see that when it’s rubbed in the gel blends well with my natural skin tone. From left to right is a full blend to the product just sitting on my skin. This is a full pump of product, and it covers my face entirely. For a tinted moisturizer it’s a tad expensive but it is worth the price.


Best Makeup Remover Ever

Best Makeup Remover Ever.

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser ($4.49)

This is a giant vat of cold cream that I may never fully empty out. Good thing it’s awesome. A quarter size dollop or less will remove every last bit of makeup on your face, even waterproof. You just gently wipe off the excess product with a damp washcloth. My face feels so hydrated after I take my makeup off. And I don’t need to rub hard on my eyes to get any shadow or mascara off. Some of the key ingredients in this product are mineral oil and beeswax. So moisture is key. And it’s hypoallergenic too, so if you’re like me with sensitive skin this shouldn’t irritate it. I have to say I don’t reach for my makeup wipes as often these days because my skin doesn’t feel as great afterwards.  You’d be crazy not to try this.

So those are my June favorites, and they’re all about ease and staying hydrated. Don’t forget to take your water bottles with you when you go out this summer to stay hydrated inside as well as out!