Blergh It’s A Blog

I have a nasty tendency to second guess myself. I have been dithering on the subject of a blog for months. I questioned which system to use: blogspot or wordpress. Perhaps it’s a tad obvious, but I went with wordpress. I’m a bit intimidated by the system because wordpress looks so complicated, but I’m braving it. I shall dither no more! Thus, I have a blog. I talked myself into it. As fair warning, expect profanity (on occasion), wit (when I can manage it), and a mild tendency to ramble.

The other major monster I had to tackle was subject matter. What did I want to talk about? Um…everything? I suffer from what I affectionately term writer’s ADD. Poetry, film, pop culture, books, random opinions–I want to write about it all. There are always subjects that I circle back to because they’re my passions, but I didn’t want to limit myself to a single subject. So I’ll be going wherever the muse takes me. Here’s to hoping she’s a decent navigator!

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