Move Um Out…Rawhide!

This is it. THE BIG MOVE.

I’ve casually mentioned moving out to California and the epic packing, which God help me, the latter is not quite done. Overwhelmed does not even begin to describe the sensation of packing up your life. I honestly did not realize how much stuff I have collected over the years.  And the hard thing is that not all of it can come out there with me.

Letting go is something I struggle with. I keep mementos of major and minor events in my life–like my ticket from The Merchant of Venice, in England, or the pennant from my high school. Well those little tickets and trinkets add up. I’ve had to recycle and toss a lot of things both big and small, which has been so hard. But moving  out of St. Louis is a new opportunity and I’m ready to embrace it!

My convoluted journey begins tomorrow morning with a trip to Ohio. So I’ve got to go back to move forward. I’m actually spending some time up there with him and then he’s going to help me get out to California. We’re going to make to most of our adventure out West and make a couple of stops on the way. We’re not making huge plans, the one thing I know for sure is that when we stop back in St. Louis we are going to stop at the zoo because we both love penguins (the St. Louis Zoo has one of the coolest penguin enclosures I’ve ever seen).

So in the midst of all this moving/packing/driving I will not be blogging. When I get the chance to write again I’m sure there will be so much to say!

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