Announcement That’s a Big Deal to Me and Possibly Interesting to You

Well with a title like that I had better come up with something good, huh?

I’m moving! Not my blog, but me, the person behind the blog, Caitlin. I will still be here logging the woman-hours to bring you my scattered thoughts on books, movies, and beauty.

But for the next few weeks my posts might be a bit more sporadic since I have to be out of my current place by the end of the month. My living room is currently full of boxes and I donated my beloved couch and ottoman to a charity, so I’m currently writing this from my bed, which has also been stripped of its comforter and decorative pillows.

Moving is such a strange thing that you start to pack the most important parts of your life away while you’re still trying to live day to day.All in the hopes that you’re going somewhere bigger and better. I have loved my past two years in Orange, California. Truly, I could see myself settling down in a community like it one day.

At the same time, I think it’s healthy to move on and explore a new space. I won’t be going far–the big move is to LA (woo!). I’ll have roommates again and there is the possibility of getting a dog, so lots of new experiences that I can’t wait to embrace.

Once I get settled in to the new place, posts here at the bubblewrappedblog will continue as per usual. I’ve got a movie review in the works and some product comparisons and my monthly ipsy bag review. So keep an eye out for those posts sometime in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Announcement That’s a Big Deal to Me and Possibly Interesting to You

    • Thank you! I’m excited for the next adventure life sends my way. And it’s very true that moving helps you prioritize whether it’s the amount of stuff you take with you or by showing you who matters most in your life.


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