I’m All Out of Puns

For this post, I’d really like your help, dear reader.

You see I’m all out of puns, quips, and wit.  Where else would I turn but to the internet for aid?

In all seriousness, I’d like to create a stronger rating system for when I review books, movies, and beauty products. I’ve been using a standard 1-5 bubbles, one being the lowest and five being the highest. The bubbles, of course, hearkening back to the bubble in bubblewrappedblog.

image respectfully borrowed from favim.com

I named this blog after the fun, “poppable” nature of reviews, so I’d like each of the numbers to have a pop-friendly pun or name attached that reflects how much I enjoyed a product.  For instance, 5 bubbles could be popping perfection. I’m not married to that though.

So let the bubble/pop puns fly! Let me know what your ideas are down below in the comments.

I’m leaving you with this majestic picture for inspiration. Enjoy!

My standards are high.

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