Bubbles and Pops: The New Blog Rating System

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to hammer down a better rating system for this blog. Particularly since I discuss a little bit of everything from movies to books to beauty. So with the help of my friends Russ and Marissa, I have crafted a more witty, articulate rating system that should help you guys understand where I’m coming from.

This blog got its name from the poppable nature of reviews and the inherent joy in popping bubble wrap, so for the rating system the idea went that the more bubbles popped the better!

Image respectfully borrowed from favim.com

I’m sticking with the basic rating of 1-5 bubbles, but from now on you should be able to link to my ratings page for further explanation.

5 Bubbles: Perfectly Poppable in Every Way

I’m channeling my inner Mary Poppins (haha) for this one. If a product is given five bubbles it means I’ve found it worthy not only repeat use/viewing and high praise but possibly a song and dance for how happy I am with it.

4 Bubbles: A Popping Good Time

Anything that receives four bubbles is pretty spiffy. It’s a solid product that’s made me a tad giddy but has stopped just shy of popping perfection.

3 Bubbles: Suitably Poppable

Products that receive three bubbles are pretty darn good. I like them but I don’t love them. They satisfied a need but didn’t blow my mind. I might recommend these products casually or to someone who had a specific interest but I won’t rave about them. Three bubbles are the little things that get you by, really.

2 Bubbles: Nearly Burst Bubble

If I’ve given something two bubbles, it means that movie/book/product was OK. I may have gotten my hopes up or been rather disappointing, but there are still some decent things to say.

1 Bubble: Might as Well be Styrofoam Peanuts

I hate Styrofoam peanuts with a passion. The terrible Styrofoam noise (it’s my personal nails on a chalkboard), their tendency to escape the confines of their box…I’ve given myself goosebumps just explaining that much. Basically, Styrofoam peanuts are the opposite of the joy found in bubble wrap. If I’ve given something one bubble, it is bad news.

Hope you enjoy the more detailed rating system! Thanks for popping in! 

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