December PopSugar Must Have Box

PopSugar is arguably my favorite subscription box and this month they did not disappoint at all! If anything, this month’s box proves why I think the Must Have Box is the best. So let’s get into it!

December PopSugar Must Have Box.

December PopSugar Must Have Box.

Just look at this beautiful spread! I’m in love. While there isn’t a special extra in this month’s box (well there is but I’ll explain that below) the contents of this month’s box are so lovely I couldn’t imagine what else they would put in here.

SPUN by Subtle Luxury ($62)

This beautiful gold speckled scarf is soft and light: it will keep me warm this winter without throttling me like some of my heavier scarfs do. The gold flecks also add an element of shine so you can add this scarf to your ensemble instead of a necklace. PopSugar has sent a few scarfs in the past but I really cannot complain because they’re such staple in my wardrobe.


Williams-Sonoma Vanilla Bean Cupcake Mix ($14.95)

I love it when PopSugar sends me mixes for baked goods. They’re perfect for the odd night when you feel compelled to make something but don’t actually want to work that hard for it. I’m really looking forward to giving these vanilla cupcakes a try!


Canvas Dauville’s Platinum Bowl ($29)

I am senselessly happy about receiving a bowl in a subscription box. This adorable little bowl has a ceramic exterior and platinum/chrome interior. I’m going to put this on top of my makeup table so it can be admired at all times.


Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer in Bordeaux ($24)

I love it when I get full size high-end makeup products in subscription boxes! And this bordeaux shade is perfect for the holidays. I haven’t tried it on my lips yet, but I’ll be remedying that over the next few weeks.

Look at that gorgeous wine red lippie! Ignore the other two swatches. They're from another post.

Look at that gorgeous wine red lippie! Ignore the other two swatches. They’re from another post.

I think this wine/brick red shade will look really amazing. Personally, I’m fond of deep reds. Even though I am very fair-skinned, I’ve found these blue-toned reds really work for me.


Knot & Bow Parcel Tags ($4)

Perfect timing, PopSugar! But I expect they’re very aware of how perfect their timing is. By the time this post goes live, these little tags will likely be used up on my family’s Christmas packages. I also appreciate that these tags are blue so that they’re more inclusive. I celebrate Christmas but I am fully aware that not everyone does and am happy to see something that could easily work for everyone’s seasonal gifts.


Sydney Necklace by Sparklepop ($42)

Pardon me while I have a moment of maniacal laughter…PopSugar accidentally sent me two of these stunning baubles. So I am one happy camper! If you love jewelry then I highly recommend checking out the Sparklepop website. They have a lovely variety of trendy pieces at an affordable price. This particular crystal pendant was modeled after Amy Adams’ red carpet look, which is amazing because Amy Adams is such a style icon. I’m thrilled to have this necklace in my box and someone in my life will be thrilled to have the other one in my box too!

Image respectfully borrowed from

So that’s that! One of the best Must Have boxes I’ve ever received for sure. I am extremely excited for all six of these items; there isn’t a dud in the bunch!

PopSugar Must Have boxes cost $39.95 per box, and the total value of December’s box is $175.95. That is a crazy value for a monthly subscription box!

If you’d like to get a PopSugar Must Have Box of your very own, click my referral link here or go to my referral link’s page.

Thanks for popping in!

3 thoughts on “December PopSugar Must Have Box

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  2. Yes! This month was bomb! (I’m getting ready to post my December Popsugar, as well.) I’m stoked for you that they sent two pendants, and thanks for pointing out that the piece was designed after Amy Adams’ gorgeous red-carpet sparkler. I love her :o) Your blog is fun :o)


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