May Empties

I don’t think I ever paid that much attention to what kind of products I go through in a month until adding the empties post to my blog routine. I’m in a phase where I’m rotating through some skin care items, which I am crazy proud of finishing up because it feels like I’ve had them for far too long.

Just to rehash my system for empties I like to think of completed products as Buy Now, Buy Later, or Never Buy Again. I’ll give you my thoughts on each item and then the final verdict. Let’s get to it!

I squeezed every last ounce of toothpaste out of this thing.

I squeezed every last ounce of toothpaste out of this thing.

Colgate Total Zx Pro Shield Plus Sensitivity ($3.87):

I feel a perverse sense of satisfaction whenever I finish a tube of toothpaste. I picked up the Total Zx maybe eight months ago, and now I can’t even find it on the Colgate website. Does anyone know what happened to it? It’s a nice minty toothpaste that left my  mouth feeling professional level clean. There is a warning on the back of the tube that you shouldn’t use it consecutively for more than four weeks because of the strength of the toothpaste…this is maybe why I can’t find it online anymore. But it was a good toothpaste and I think it did some mild whitening.

I’m a die-hard Colgate girl so I’ve already repurchased another Colgate tube but not this specific one. So I’m calling this a Never Buy Again simply because I can’t find it and that warning is ominous.

Best Editing Tool

Best Editing Tool

Almay Lash Care Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads ($5.99):

Typically when I remove my makeup, I do it in one fell swoop with either a cold cream or a full face makeup wipe. And I’d like to point out that I didn’t buy this for myself the first time around. My Grandmother got me this product because she liked it so much for travel. What I ended up using (and loving) these pads for are for editing when I apply my makeup for the day. If I got a little too crazy with my eyeliner or contoured too hard, then these pads are my salvation. And when I test new products on the back of my hand or do swatches for the blog, these are quick little erasers. They may be meant for eyes but they work on all kinds and formulas of makeup. This little tube holds 80 makeup remover pads, which for its price is acceptable math for me.

These Almay Makeup Remover Pads earn a Buy Now from me, though I imagine any of the other Almay Makeup Remover Pads (Oil Free, Longwear and Waterproof, and Soothing) would be just as nice.

My go to facial sunblock

My go to facial sunblock

BeautiControl’s Cell Block-C ($30.00):

For most of my life, my mother has been a BeautiControl consultant on and off. If there is one product that company produces that I cannot get enough of, it’s the Cell Block-C. It has an SPF of 20 and is an ideal pre-makeup moisturizer. You don’t need a ton of product to cover your entire face. It’s also great for your no makeup days where you just want a fresh look because it gives a dewy look. The nutrients in the formula also tone your skin and I’ve seen a reduction of the freckles under my eyes. If you have oily skin this might not be your best bet because it takes a few minutes for the product to sink in. But for my combination skin, it’s perfect.

This is definitely a Buy Now for me. I already feel its lack on my bathroom counter and can’t wait for my order to come in.

I honestly thought I'd never finish this bottle of toner.

I honestly thought I’d never finish this bottle of toner.

Neutrogena’s Pore Refining Toner ($6.99):

Sorry for the blurry photo! I have had this bottle of toner since my undergrad. I don’t load my cotton pads with a ton of product so it took me forever to get through this. Excellent toner though. It would easily remove any lingering makeup and I do feel that it helped minimize my pores. It does sting a bit since one of its primary ingredients is alcohol, but it also has some more friendly ingredients like witch hazel extract and peppermint leaf extract. Even though I’ve been branching out lately, Neutrogena is still my go-to skin friendly brand.

When I’ve had a product for a long time, I prefer to try something different. However this product definitely worked for me so I’d call it a Buy Later.

Minty freshness

Minty freshness

Listerine Whitening Plus Restoring Rinse ($7.43 at

I’m not really sure what to say about this product that you haven’t heard already. I mean, it’s mouthwash. You either prefer the kind with alcohol in it or you don’t. I’ve used other brands like ACT or Crest, but I prefer the whitening power of Listerine. I just feel like my breath is fresher longer even if I have to suffer through the burn of alcohol. And since I’m not going to give up my soda any time soon, the whitening and enamel strengthening thing is kind of vital.

I’ve already got a new bottle of this on my sink, so it’s a Buy Now.

The first eyeliner I ever loved.

The first eyeliner I ever loved.

Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner in Brushed Pewter ($7.99):

When I first started using makeup in middle school, eyeliners were such a foreign concept to me. I hated getting up close and personal with my eye line. It wasn’t until college that I got brave enough to give eyeliner a chance, and Neutrogena’s Nourishing Eyeliner was the first one I tried. Because, again, I implicitly trust Neutrogena. Over the years I’ve learned that I prefer cream liners instead of pencils. Occasionally I will use a liquid liner but it’s only when I’m going for a specific look. This product claims to be nourishing, but I honestly couldn’t say if it was or not. It is a nice formula and is excellent for beginners. The end ever comes with a smudger and built-in sharpener.

I’ve already got a replacement for this little fellow because it’s such a perfect everyday liner. Buy Now.

Phew! That’s it for empties this month. Hope you enjoyed this post about products I’ve enjoyed till the end.

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