Beating Back Bed Head: 5 Tips for Morning Success

Good morning! Is your hair looking a little out of sorts this morning? Mine too.

I was approached by Casper mattresses–a luxury line of sleep comfort–to share some tips and tricks about how to conquer bed head. Because the nice people at Casper understand that no matter how soft and luxurious the mattress, frizz and tangles still happen.

So here are my tips and tricks to embrace or conquer that pesky beast known as bed head.

1. Braids

Honestly one to the simplest tips I can give you is to braid your hair before bed. It will keep the hair away from your face and will significantly decrease the presence of tangles and frizz in the morning. Then when you wake up you’ll have an easy fix in the morning: you can either wear and go if you’re running late or undo the braid and have a slightly wavy do.

A duo of braids from my college days.

A duo of braids from my college days.

When my hair was longer, I used to do one simple braid down the back. Now that my hair is medium length, I try to do a ton of small braids for a very textured look in the morning. I don’t do this every night but it’s still a lot of fun.

2. Detangling Spray

This was a hard product for me to find originally. When I was perusing the shelves at my local pharmacy, there were a ton of pricey detanglers for women with the fancy names that beauty products favor. But I was looking for budget friendly. So I raided the kids section!

Image respectfully borrowed from


I bought the Equate version of Johnson & Johnson’s Detangler, which was around $1.95 compared to some fancy Paul Mitchell spray that retailed for around $12. I’d particularly recommend this kind of spray if you have fine hair like me. You’ll still smell nice and your hair will thank you for it.

3. Invest in Silk

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Silk sheets will diminish any frizz and tangling problems in a snap. I say diminish because sometimes hair is just determined to do what it wants. Cotton pillowcases absorb oil, allergens, and also provide resistance as you move around at night, causing hair to tangle and frizz. Silk pillowcases are not as absorbent and allow your hair to slide rather than stick. In theory the silk pillowcase would also imbibe your hair with added shine. If you’re not looking for a full silk sheet set a.k.a a slip n’ slide, try just pillowcases.

4. Try a Texturizing Spray

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The thing that always confounds me about bed head is that there always seems to be so much more volume to my fine hair that gets it to puff up and stick out at wrong angles. Granted, it’s the wrong kind of volume, but I can’t seem to get my hair to give me the right kind of volume on a regular basis. Enter, texturizing spray. Harness the existing volume of bed head with a little spritz of this stuff. You can tame your bed head a bit while getting all the positives and none of the negatives. This Oribe spray retails for about $36 but there are cheaper alternatives at the drugstore.

5. Embrace Your Inner Prince/Princess

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Have you ever heard a fairy tale where the beautiful princess brushes her flowing locks before bed and counts to 100? I’m not saying you have to go that far in the numbers game, but brushing your hair out for more than a few quick seconds can help stave off some of the worst bed head. I use a paddle brush, which I got years ago from Sally’s. These kinds of brushes stimulate the scalp to reduce dandruff and encourage skin cell turnover, help to distribute oil down the shaft of your hair follicles, and will remove any existing tangles before bed with minimal fuss. You know what they say about the best offense being a good defense! Wait, now I’ve mixed some metaphors here…oh well.

I realize I’m not reinventing the wheel with these tips, but they’ve kept me from hacking at my hair over the years. Fun fact: I did hack a tangled knot from my hair when I was nine. It resulted in a rather drastic haircut, the memory of which has scarred me into believing strongly in the aforementioned tips to avoid tangles.

Thanks again to Casper for prompting this post. I’m not sponsored or getting a kickback for this but if you’d like to check them out, you can click the link here.

Thanks for popping in!

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