Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over Hydrating Gel

Many months ago I got a free sample of Olay’s Fresh Effects {Dew Over!} Hydrating Gel.

Lovely little jar.

Lovely little jar.

My little sample was .5 fl oz, while the full size product is 1.7 fl oz. and retails for $12.99.

Typically, I’ll use this moisturizer once or twice a week, but I’ll use it more often if my skin has been on the dry side. It’s also a great product to use after a cleanser that has ingredients that can by drying like salysilic acid.

The gel is pale green color but the light color doesn’t show up on your skin when you’ve rubbed it in. There is also a lovely scent to this product of honeysuckle and white tea. Putting it on in the morning smells so good but the scent doesn’t linger all day, which is a good thing.

Almost an empty.

Almost an empty.

Olay’s website claims that Dew Over will provide 24 hour moisture, and I’d have to agree with that claim. As with any product, it’s effectiveness lessens with wear, but at the end of the day my skin still feels soft.

This hydrating gel is also formulated with a powder, which means that it absorbs quickly into the skin and helps fight the look of oily skin.

Olay also proudly claims this is an oil free product that won’t clog your pores. I find both of these claims to be true as well. My combination skin leans toward the oily side and it is also sensitive and clogs up easily. I don’t feel oily when I’m using this moisturizer, and I do not feel that it clogs my pores.

However, after further exploring the ingredients list there are three different kinds of parabens in this product, which I found to be extrem disappointing. If you’d like to learn more about parabens, please click this link. I won’t pretend that I’m living an 100% paraben free lifestyle, but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to avoid or minimize their presence in my life.

Originally I wanted to give Olay’s Fresh Effects {Dew Over!} Hydrating Gel 4 beauty bubbles for its performance and great smell. But after doing some research and finding out about the parabens in this product I’m giving it 2 beauty bubbles because it’s still an effective product but my desire to use it and recommend it has gone down.

Product Fail: Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer

Rarely do I hate a beauty product. It might languish away in my drawer due to disinterest, but there’s always the hope that it might get rediscovered. But I have some full-blown hate for Rimmel London’s Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer. It has utterly failed at its purpose.

Grrrr....product rage.

Grrrr….product rage.

The reason I’m so cranky is that Rimmel is a good drugstore brand. I love their mascaras and eyeliners in particular, so when I saw the Undercover Shadow Primer I thought it would be a natural fit with my collection. False.

This product promises to smooth and prep the lid for 4-7 hour wear and its shimmery white color could be used alone or to enhance your eye shadows. Another feature it stresses is that your color should be smudge proof. All pretty basic things for a primer. Though the 4-7 hour promise is a bit weak considering that my Wet n’ Wild For My Primas (Fergie Collection) Primer lasts me all dang day.

Now finding this primer online is kind of tricky. There are some eBay prices ranging from $4.99-6.99. I honestly cannot remember what I paid for this primer because I got it at Target in store a few months ago, and you cannot even buy this primer online. It’s like the internet knows this product is bad news. And I got seduced by the crisp, white aisles of my local Target. Sigh. Such is life.

Here you can see the pale shimmery white color. it had such potential!

Here you can see the pale shimmery white color. it had such potential!

I was really excited for this primer because the packaging showed a picture of colorful eyelid with and without the primer, and the lid with the primer yielded more vivid colors. Typically when I apply primer, I do my face primer and then my eyes. Then I brush my teeth or go get dressed so that I allow my primers to fully sink in. The Rimmel Undercover Shadow Primer was still tacky after the few minutes it took me to get dressed. So I put on my foundation. After my face was buffed and blended, the primer was no longer tacky but it had already creased and clumped up in the tiny folds of my eyelid. Am I supposed to sit for five minutes with my eyes closed for this thing to do its job? If so, that is incredibly unrealistic. Think of me like a little bear perpetually stumbling out of hibernation; it’s not going to take much to make me want to stumble back into my cave. If you ask me to sit still with my eyes closed in the morning for five minutes, I will fall asleep again.

Still, I smoothed out the primer to the best of my abilities and tried to apply my shadow. The shades looked muddy and did not blend well on the primer (I’ve used those specific colors before and have had no problems). On top of all these problems, the colors barely lasted a few hours before they smeared off my lid. I looked like a wreck. But I was still willing to give this primer a second shot thinking that maybe my application was at fault.

Doe footed disaster.

Doe footed disaster.

Round two with the Rimmel Undercover Shadow Primer was just as frustrating. The primer has a doe-foot applicator, so I will say it applies easily though not necessarily evenly. This time I gave the primer ample time to set, or so I thought. I used different shadows from the day before and tried applying those shadows with a brush. The primer started flaking off. Or maybe pilling is a better word for it. Little balls of primer formed and flaked off my lid as I was trying to brush on shadow. This is one of the weirdest primer experiences I’ve ever had.

After two disastrous attempts I had to call it quits with this Rimmel primer. Not all of a brand’s range can be winners, and this primer is an absolute loser. I hate wasting things that I spend my money on, but this beast is going in the trash.

Has anyone else had trouble with this primer?


Julep Plie Wand First Impressions

I love nail polish. But I’m also a sloppy manicurist. That being said, I don’t like to go get professional manicures because I had a nightmare scenario where my cuticle got ripped open down to the first knuckle. It scarred me for life. Not physically but definitely mentally. So, I’m a dedicated do-your-own-nails kind of gal.

Which is why I also got super pumped for Julep’s plie wand; an ergonomically designed tool that allows you more control with your polishing. I participated in the crowd funding campaign, which also means I prepaid for my May Maven box. Two birds, one very cool stone.

Image above politely borrowed from julep.com

How it works: the base has a magnetic connector, which attaches to a hollow cap. You can easily fit the hollow cap over most julep polishes by wiggling their own cap off, leaving behind what I’m calling the brush-cap. Using your dominant hand, you hold the plie wand like a pen between your thumb and index finger. Brush like normal. For your non-dominant hand the base of the wand gently rotates so it can be held in whatever way feels most natural. You really have to play with it, but that part is customizable to your own comfort level. This may sound slightly confusing but the plie wand is really intuitive.

Image above politely borrowed from julep.com

You can also purchase extra magnetic caps with precision brushes and some creativity tools–a striping tool and a dotter. All at a slightly discounted price, if you’re a Maven of course.

Since receiving my plie wand this month, I’ve used it three times. I’m getting better with every use, but here are my first impressions.


Even after one use my edges are cleaner and more precise, particularly on my non-dominant hand.

Easy to adjust to. Using the wand doesn’t feel like a beauty science project. It just makes sense.

Comfortable weight and easy grip.

Most Julep polishes’ top caps can be wiggled off to reveal a brush cap. Even the ones that came before the plie wand.

An increased sense of confidence in my polishing skills. Woot!



I’m stumped by how to fully clean the additional brushes I purchased for reuse. Even when I soak them in remover, I can’t get it all off.

Getting the interior brush-cap out from the magnetic cap can be very tricky. (Solution: take the narrow end of the wand and push the brush-cap out through the little hole on the top. Still, annoying though.)

Harder but not impossible to use with non-Julep polishes…hence my purchasing extra caps.


For myself, I have quite a budding collection of Julep polishes, so that last one might not be a big deal for me, but could certainly trouble you. Overall, I’m glad I purchased Julep’s plie wand. Since it’s user-friendly, I imagine I will only get better with the wand as time goes by.

Intrigued by the new tech? Get your plie wand here…

Plie Wand Page

Want to be a Maven? Click this link to get your first box…

Julep Maven


May Ipsy Bag 2014

It’s that time again! My second ipsy bag arrived earlier this week, and I have already been luxuriating in May’s Fresh Picks. This month’s bag is all about doing good things for your skin and hair. Lots of skin protectors, moisturizers, and animal friendly finds.

Most of you probably know about ipsy, the $10 a month subscription service that mails you 4-5 beauty products in a unique makeup bag. I love ipsy. It’s such a great value and has already gotten me clued in to some amazing new things. Check out the link at the bottom of the page to sign up for your own monthly makeup bag.



This month’s bag is a little canvas number with light green vines printed on the front. So easy to throw in my purse or clutch, and it’s a standout in the depths of my bag. But now to the goodies!

Pacifica Mineral Eye Duo: This set was the only bit of makeup in my bag this month and it’s a special duo made for ipsy. The shades are Celestial and Opal and are regularly part of the Mystical Palette, which has two additional shades and retails for $14.  Pacifica is all about natural, vegan friendly beauty. I’m typically drawn to these kind of shimmery neutrals, so I was excited to receive this duo in my bag. The formula is smooth but very sheer and it doesn’t build as well as I might like. I’ll still use these shadows but they might be regulated to highlight tones. Ipsters receive 25% off any Pacifica order though, so that may be worth investigating.

Avene Thermal Spring Water: I’ve never been so entranced with fancy water. Pulled straight from a thermal spring in France this spray is noted for its purity standards. Avene products are also ideal for sensitive skin. At first, I thought, “Seriously? Spray water is in my bag?” but I am in love with this little beauty. A light spritz is so refreshing first thing in the morning or after completing your evening skin care routine. Or if it’s hot outside, pop this in your bag for a bit of relief whenever you need it.  A full bottle costs $18.  But for the same price at drugstore.com you can get three of the travel sizes like the one pictured above. Ipsy is offering 15% on any Avene product through drugstore.com too, so it will be even cheaper if you’re a subscriber.

Hey Honey Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask: You know when you have a sunburn and it’s godawful but the peeling part at the end is kind of fun? This peel off mask is like that sensation without the skin damage and physical discomfort. Yay! It’s a clear mask that exfoliates and gets the gunk out of your pores. Their website recommends you lightly moisturize before applying and then lightly moistrize after taking the mask off. What I like to do is spray the Avene on before and then massage the pur~lisse into my skin after. My skin has never felt so lush and soft and pampered than when using this combo. Quite by accident, ipsy gave me my new favorite spa trio. Full size of this mask retails for $35, which you can get on heyhoney.com

Jersey Shore Sun Sans Tan Anti-Aging Sunscreen: I’ve always been a fan of sunblock, but I never fully processed the difference between physical and chemical sunscreens. Physical sunscreens literally block or deflect the sun’s rays. Chemical sunscreens scatter or absorb the rays. This SPF 35 product is a physical sunblock because of its zinc oxide formula. It goes on thick and leaves your skin with a white cast, so use this product first then put your foundation on. While the phrase “anti-aging” is in the title, I’m not convinced it does anything more than protect you from the sun’s rays, which can accelerate the aging process if you overindulged. A full size product can set you back $40, but using ipsy’s code, you can get 30% off the full size.

Pur~lisse pur~moist hydra balance moisturizer: When I saw this product in the bag, I thought I would happily use my sample size and move on to other moisturizers. False. I’m in love with this pur~lisse product. It has a light, fresh smell and hydrates your skin all day. Some of the ingredients are blue lotus and white tea, which is what I think I’m smelling. So good! Full size versions of this retail for $55 but you can get 30% off any pur~lisse purchase if you’re an Ipster.

I’m so pleased with this month’s ipsy bag. It’s hard for me to estimate the value of the bag this month since everything is a sample size, but for $10 I am beyond thrilled. The discounts you get as an Ipster is also worthwhile.

Want to become an Ipster? Copy and paste the link below to get started…


Wet n’ Wild’s Poster Child Palette

Recently, I got charmed by one of Wet n’ Wild’s eight shadow palettes from their Color Icon line, called Poster Child. One of my favorite things about Wet n’ Wild is that they tell you where to put their shadows. When I first started buying makeup, I especially appreciated the helpful hints. Now, they’re just pleasant suggestions.

I was inspired by the Poster Child palette to create two different, slightly edgy looks for summer. This post will be part review and part tutorial.

Here is what the palette looks like…

Up close and personal with the Poster Child palette

Up close and personal with the Poster Child palette

Obviously what caught my eye in the store was the bright colors. For some reason I also get annoyed when palettes try to tell me to use the most intriguing colors as a liner (even though I am in control of my makeup application so it’s a weird thing to be annoyed by), so I really liked that Wet n’ Wild used “definer” instead of “liner.”

The shades are extremely buildable and if you use a good primer on your lid, they will hold all day. Initially they go on more sheer and have a soft powder texture, but you can really pack on the color to great effect. The sponge-tip and brush duo applicator is decent for application, so if you’re not into brushes this can be a full service palette.

For the first look, I used the left half of the palette with the pink tones and the black definer.

One step closer to becoming a Pink Lady.

One step closer to becoming a Pink Lady.

For most of these shades I had to dip back into the palette multiple times to get the pigmentation you see here in the swatches, but don’t let that scare you! Of the four, the deep coral color is easily the most pigmented, but the black could easily blend out for a smooth smokey eye.

I’m not going to lie, these shades were what drew me into the palette. I’ve been having a real moment where I am trying to channel my inner Rizzo from Grease. No idea where this impulse came from, but I’m going with it. This look is my homage to the Pink Ladies.

A metal spiked headband adds a bit of biker chic.

A metal spiked headband adds a bit of biker chic.

Pink with a touch of punk.

Pink with a touch of punk.













For this look, I followed the basic instructions imprinted into the shadows. I did a light wash of the shade that looks like a baby pink, bringing it up into the crease as well. Then I blended the deep coral into my crease. I really like the way the deep coral shade interacts with other colors. On top of the baby pink it looks more like a hot pink, though not as neon as my lip color.

Using the smokey black shade I created a faux tri-lash at the outer corner of my eye. I dusted the pearly pink along my brow bones and inner corners. While the rest of these colors are extremely versatile in regards to where you put them, the pearly shade is undeniably best suited as a brow highlight.

Other Necessities:

Urban Decay’s 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet–such a deeply pigmented black liner. It really makes the look pop.

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Unapologetic–a beautiful, borderline neon pink matte shade. And the staying power is amazing. I have several products from this range and love them all.


For the other look, I drew inspiration from Marvel’s X-Men. I am beyond ready for Days of Future Past  to hit the screens, so to stave off the anxiety of waiting I created a look with the second half of the palette. The blue tones with yellow accent color instantly reminded me of the classic X-Men uniforms.

One of my favorite graphic cut-out tanks.

One of my favorite graphic cut-out tanks.

I believe I got this tank at Papaya last year. It’s such a great item for summer because the cut-out arms give you breezy freedom. I’ve been wearing it a lot recently as the heat picks up here in Southern California.

Beautiful, bright blues with a yellow accent.

Beautiful, bright blues with a yellow accent.

You can really see the connection between the tank and the colors. Of all eight shades, the teal is the most pigmented in the palette. You really have to pack on the yellow to get to this golden sheen, but it’s worth the work. At first I was intimidated by these brights, but after creating this look, I cannot wait to play with them some more.

Epic superhero stare into the distance.

Epic superhero stare into the distance.

Easily the most extreme wing I've ever done.

Easily the most extreme wing I’ve ever done.













Just like with the first look, I started with the second shade from the top, in this case the teal. I brushed the teal color all over my lid, up into the crease in a dome shape, which helped enhance the cartoon-like feel. Using a shader brush I gently blended the royal blue tone into the crease, maintaining the rounded dome. Using the deep blue shade I built a wing the reached mid temple. I had to pack this shade on to get the shape just right. Then I pulled the deep blue into the crease about three-quarters of the way in to the lid. There was a lot of trial and error for this wing, but I like the way it turned out.

To finish the look, I brushed the yellow/gold shade along the inner curve between my brow bone and the bridge of the nose. I also packed on the color under the lower lashes as a liner. I highly recommend using a liquid liner on your top lash line since liquid liners are so dramatic. I took the black liner to the tip of the wing to emphasize the length.

Other Necessities:

L’Oreal Telescopic Precision Waterproof Liner–this is the only liquid liner I own and it’s staying that way.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara in Blackest Black–at first I was skeptical about the promises of this product, but I’m now a believer.

Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple–a lovely, moisturizing, semi-sheer blue red balm.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with this palette. These two looks are just skimming the surface of what you could create with these eight shades. At just $4.99 from your local drugstore, the Poster Child palette from Wet n’ Wild is a must have for summer.

April Empties

Since my last post was about my favorites for April, I wanted to do a companion post about which products I have finished off this month. There is something unbelievably satisfying about finishing off a bottle/jar/pan of your goodies. Even if you hated the product in question, it feels good  to use it up.

I’m going to take a moment to explain my philosophy about hair products, face cleansers, and other body products. Build up happens, people. Your shampoos, deodorants, cleansing oils, etc. do great things for your bod, but your skin naturally builds up a tolerance to their composition and positive effects. It only gets worse when you miss some products and don’t wash them all off. One of the ways I avoid build up long-term is by changing up my regimen when I run out of a certain item. Unless I am madly in love with a product, I won’t immediately re-buy something but I would definitely put it back in the rotation.

So my system for empties is Buy Now, Buy Later, or Let It Go.


Ice Shine 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner from Pantene Pro-V

Shampoo bottles make me feel particularly accomplished when I reach the end.

Ice Shine 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner from Pantene Pro-V–$4.99

I’m such a lazy creature when it comes to hair maintenance. Ergo shampoo/conditioner combos are my favorite. The formula is creamy but not heavy like some conditioners and it left my hair feeling squeaky clean. Shine-wise I felt that it gave a natural gloss straight from the shower but was not something that lasted 24 hours like the bottle claims. I’m more excited that I get to try a new shampoo than I am by the product in general.

Shampoo purchases are such commitments because this thing is going to be in your shower for months. While I will readily return to the Pantene brand, I think the Ice Shine is a Let it Go.


Obviously, I have already repurchased this charming soap. Spoiler alert!

Obviously, I have already repurchased this charming soap. Spoiler alert!

Tea Tree Rx Bar from KIND–$7.50

I zoomed in so you can see all the great details of this company. 100% natural and eco-friendly. They also donate $0.10  per bar sold. KIND soap is based in my home town of Webster Groves, Missouri, so I’m even more of a devoted customer since I like to support small businesses. My skin is really sensitive and acne-prone so the tea tree soap helps soothe my skin and reduce redness. The scent is refreshing in the shower but fades pleasantly, so that you feel crisp and clean. It won’t overpower your perfume or other body sprays either. KIND has many other types of products and scent ranges; think a small-scale LUSH. I’d also highly recommend the eco-Bag for soap ($5) no matter what kind of bar you’re using to fully utilize every last inch of your soap.

Not only have I repurchased this Tea Tree soap, or rather my Mom keeps me in stock out here in California, but I usually have an additional bar in reserve. Buy Now, for sure.


My favorite razor for summer and all my shaving needs.

My favorite razor for summer and all my shaving needs.

Venus Spa Breeze Refill Cartridges–$20.99

This is going to sound weird, but these things smell like a My Little Pony I used to have as a kid. And who doesn’t want to smell like one of those magical creatures? The smell doesn’t last though, which is OK because you don’t want all your shower scents to be at war. I’ve tried a lot of Venus razor products and for whatever reason, this specific brand does not irritate my skin.

If I can manage repeat uses without my skin freaking out, it’s a Buy Now.


Not quite empty yet...but I'm like a week away so I'm counting it!

Not quite empty yet…but I’m like a week away so I’m counting it!

Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub–$6.99 at Target

So many hyphens in one product title! Worth it though. Nice cream base with little exfoliating beads. My skin feels…relieved after. Maybe that’s not the best description but you’re taking off dead skin cells, which lightens the load of your skin. It’s taken me a long time to get through this product, but I’m a fan of the results.

This is a great exfoliator for teens and young adults with troubled skin, but I’m excited by the prospect of trying something new. This Power Scrub is a Buy Later.


The companion to the scrub above.

The companion to the scrub above.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Cream Wash–$6.99 at Target

If the scrub from above interests you, then you also need to check out this cream wash. I’ve been using both for years and the results were great through cystic breakouts or mild blemishes. I like to start my morning with the Cream Wash. Smooth and refreshing with a hint of invigorating cool.

Much like the scrub, I would say Buy Later on the Cream Wash.


New favorite makeup wipe.

New favorite makeup wipe.

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes with Cotton Extract–$6.00

I didn’t think any makeup wipe could supplant my Neutrogena ones. But this sensitive formula is so light I can clean my eye makeup off without any burning sensation. The Neutrogena wipes always left me rubbing my eyes. The Burt’s Bees wipes are also 99% natural, so it makes sense that they’re gentler on my skin. The results are just as good as other wipes too. I’m a big fan of the cotton fresh scent as well. Easy to use, effective, and better for your body than harsh chemicals. Good all around.

Pretty plain that my answer will be Buy Now.


Those are all the products I’ve finished up this month. Wishing you the joy of finishing old favorites and finding new ones this spring!

April Beauty Favorites

April has flown by, which is a shame because it is such a lovely month. The weather is gorgeous: warm and breezy without being overpowering. In a way, that’s also my makeup philosophy for spring. I want my face to feel light, fresh, and colorful without being too loud. Here are my favorite beauty products that help me achieve that April freshness.


1. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Plus Keratin : You know how luxurious and shiny your hair feels when you leave the salon? This product absolutely extends that feeling. After I shower, I pop my hair into a Turbie-Twist and go about my business for a bit. Then before I bed down for the night or leave the house for the day, I spray the Miracle Leave-In product lightly over my hair and brush it through. After three weeks of doing this, my hair is healthier, shiner, and softer. And it smells lovely. My boyfriend has even commented on how nice my hair smells. Can’t beat that. This little 4 oz. bottle can retail upwards from $18.99 depending on where you buy it, but I’d say this product is worth it.

2. Voluminous Power Volume 24H Mascara: According to its description, this mascara is infused with collagen. The goal there being fuller, plumper looking lashes. I’m not a scientist, but goal achieved. It’s also just fine for sensitive eyes. I use the color Black Smoke and love how full my lashes look. The volume is definitely there too. Maybe not the most natural look out there, but I favor this mascara for nights out. For $7.95, I’ll take it over false lashes every time.


3. Clinique Quick Corrector in Light: THEY NO LONGER MAKE THIS PRODUCT. Talk about trauma. People are selling this for over $25.00 on eBay when it originally retailed for around $15. I have been hoarding this little tube in my drawer for a while now. And, yes, I know makeup can expire. But the Quick Corrector still gets the job done. I use it more now for highlighting than for straight concealing. The creamy consistency and full coverage are perfection. The light tone is also an ideal brightner. If anyone has found a dupe for this one, please let me know!

4.Wet N Wild Take on the Day Eye Shadow Primer: This little nugget is part of Fergie’s Center Stage collection and is titled For My Primas. I know there are some lovely eye primers from brands like Urban Decay (I have a sample pot next to my bathroom sink), but for those budget conscious beauties, this Wet N Wild primer is an ideal substitute. It has a light color that creates a lovely base for shimmer and matte shades alike. A tiny dot covers my lid and I don’t see creased color in the mirror hours later. It’s a must have for $4.99.


5. Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Apple Pink: I’ve already raved about this product in my ipsy bag review, but I have been using this lip balm several times a week since the bag arrived. The color is exactly the shade of pink that I love. It’s more of a lush peony shade than apple. The little lip brush adds a precision element to application and the matte formula also moisturizes your lips. Some mattes look cakey, but this one just settles on to look natural. Grab yours for $19.00 here.

6. NYX’s Eyebrow Push-Up Bra: Go ahead, take a second to giggle at the name. I certainly did when I saw it in stores last month. The brown half of the pencil is a universally flattering shade to fill in your brows, and the pink side highlights underneath your brow and inner eye corners. My Mom once told me that one day I would care about the illusion of fuller brows, and that day has come. This pencil is easy to use with instant results. It fills in my brows and looks utterly natural, and the highlighter portion gives the brows a natural lift. For $10.00, it’s a must for a fresh face.


These are my ultimate faves for creating a fresh look this April, but they’re great products that will carry me through other seasons as well. Hope you enjoyed my April Beauty Favorites!

Product Review: Tom’s Deodorant

I can’t say that I’m the most health conscious person out there. I’m a hardcore carnivore. I’m a Coke addict (just to confirm, we’re talking glorious caffeine, not white powder). And my favorite form of cardio is a marathon day at the mall. At the same time, I recycle, buy free range eggs, walk everywhere I can instead of driving, and avoid veal and lamb (no babies in my diet!). So occasionally my better impulses win out.

My most recent attempt at positive change happened in the deodorant aisle at Walgreen’s about a month ago. I’ve been hearing rumbles about aluminum in big brand deodorants, and let’s face it, aluminum does not sound like something you should be slathering all over your armpits. So faced with the wall of choices at my drugstore, I noticed the Tom’s of Maine brand and its emphasis on a more natural personal care. Their Original Care deodorant is aluminum free and unscented, so it seemed like a good way to branch out into more healthy product use.

Picture above taken from the Tom’s of Maine website.

There are a lot of good things about Tom’s of Maine Deodorant. Their website shares every ingredient and explains the purpose of everything that goes into their products. There are no artificial preservatives, fragrances, or colors either. Original Care deodorant is also cruelty free, encourages recycling in both pre and post product use, and supports sustainable practices. All commendable, but unfortunately I’m not 100% convinced by the results.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using Original Care for about a month and while it works just fine for day-to-day use, I would not recommend this product if you plan on doing heavy activity. When I work out or it is hot outside, I sweat profusely. At the end of an average day, I smell fine and have no issue with Tom’s, but at the end of a day of exertion I’m a little too smelly for comfort. While Tom’s of Maine does make an antiperspirant, it uses the dreaded aluminum so it might be a give and take sort of thing.

I would cautiously recommend Original Care to someone with the caveat that you know your body better than I do. If you sweat often and are concerned about B.O., this is not quite the product for you. But if you’re only a  mildly sweaty gal and don’t struggle with a…personal musk, shall we say…then you should give this natural product a try. I’m all for making positive changes in your daily life, but this one just wasn’t for me. Moving forward I will keep using the Tom’s of Maine deodorant for my run of the mill days, but I also bought some Dove deodorant for the rougher days on my itinerary.

Does anyone else out there know of a good aluminum free brand that handles B.O. better?