April Empties

Since my last post was about my favorites for April, I wanted to do a companion post about which products I have finished off this month. There is something unbelievably satisfying about finishing off a bottle/jar/pan of your goodies. Even if you hated the product in question, it feels good  to use it up.

I’m going to take a moment to explain my philosophy about hair products, face cleansers, and other body products. Build up happens, people. Your shampoos, deodorants, cleansing oils, etc. do great things for your bod, but your skin naturally builds up a tolerance to their composition and positive effects. It only gets worse when you miss some products and don’t wash them all off. One of the ways I avoid build up long-term is by changing up my regimen when I run out of a certain item. Unless I am madly in love with a product, I won’t immediately re-buy something but I would definitely put it back in the rotation.

So my system for empties is Buy Now, Buy Later, or Let It Go.


Ice Shine 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner from Pantene Pro-V

Shampoo bottles make me feel particularly accomplished when I reach the end.

Ice Shine 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner from Pantene Pro-V–$4.99

I’m such a lazy creature when it comes to hair maintenance. Ergo shampoo/conditioner combos are my favorite. The formula is creamy but not heavy like some conditioners and it left my hair feeling squeaky clean. Shine-wise I felt that it gave a natural gloss straight from the shower but was not something that lasted 24 hours like the bottle claims. I’m more excited that I get to try a new shampoo than I am by the product in general.

Shampoo purchases are such commitments because this thing is going to be in your shower for months. While I will readily return to the Pantene brand, I think the Ice Shine is a Let it Go.


Obviously, I have already repurchased this charming soap. Spoiler alert!

Obviously, I have already repurchased this charming soap. Spoiler alert!

Tea Tree Rx Bar from KIND–$7.50

I zoomed in so you can see all the great details of this company. 100% natural and eco-friendly. They also donate $0.10  per bar sold. KIND soap is based in my home town of Webster Groves, Missouri, so I’m even more of a devoted customer since I like to support small businesses. My skin is really sensitive and acne-prone so the tea tree soap helps soothe my skin and reduce redness. The scent is refreshing in the shower but fades pleasantly, so that you feel crisp and clean. It won’t overpower your perfume or other body sprays either. KIND has many other types of products and scent ranges; think a small-scale LUSH. I’d also highly recommend the eco-Bag for soap ($5) no matter what kind of bar you’re using to fully utilize every last inch of your soap.

Not only have I repurchased this Tea Tree soap, or rather my Mom keeps me in stock out here in California, but I usually have an additional bar in reserve. Buy Now, for sure.


My favorite razor for summer and all my shaving needs.

My favorite razor for summer and all my shaving needs.

Venus Spa Breeze Refill Cartridges–$20.99

This is going to sound weird, but these things smell like a My Little Pony I used to have as a kid. And who doesn’t want to smell like one of those magical creatures? The smell doesn’t last though, which is OK because you don’t want all your shower scents to be at war. I’ve tried a lot of Venus razor products and for whatever reason, this specific brand does not irritate my skin.

If I can manage repeat uses without my skin freaking out, it’s a Buy Now.


Not quite empty yet...but I'm like a week away so I'm counting it!

Not quite empty yet…but I’m like a week away so I’m counting it!

Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub–$6.99 at Target

So many hyphens in one product title! Worth it though. Nice cream base with little exfoliating beads. My skin feels…relieved after. Maybe that’s not the best description but you’re taking off dead skin cells, which lightens the load of your skin. It’s taken me a long time to get through this product, but I’m a fan of the results.

This is a great exfoliator for teens and young adults with troubled skin, but I’m excited by the prospect of trying something new. This Power Scrub is a Buy Later.


The companion to the scrub above.

The companion to the scrub above.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Cream Wash–$6.99 at Target

If the scrub from above interests you, then you also need to check out this cream wash. I’ve been using both for years and the results were great through cystic breakouts or mild blemishes. I like to start my morning with the Cream Wash. Smooth and refreshing with a hint of invigorating cool.

Much like the scrub, I would say Buy Later on the Cream Wash.


New favorite makeup wipe.

New favorite makeup wipe.

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes with Cotton Extract–$6.00

I didn’t think any makeup wipe could supplant my Neutrogena ones. But this sensitive formula is so light I can clean my eye makeup off without any burning sensation. The Neutrogena wipes always left me rubbing my eyes. The Burt’s Bees wipes are also 99% natural, so it makes sense that they’re gentler on my skin. The results are just as good as other wipes too. I’m a big fan of the cotton fresh scent as well. Easy to use, effective, and better for your body than harsh chemicals. Good all around.

Pretty plain that my answer will be Buy Now.


Those are all the products I’ve finished up this month. Wishing you the joy of finishing old favorites and finding new ones this spring!

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