August PopSugar Must Have Box


August 2014

August 2014

There are a plethora of subscription boxes out there for people to enjoy. I can’t claim to have tried them all, in fact I’m no where near that authority, but of the few I have tried I thouruoghly enjoy the PopSugar Must Have Box.

It’s a little something different from the standard beauty box. There are typically one or two full sized traditional beauty items, a food item, an accessory, a lifestyle item (i.e. the candle in this box), and a health/wellness item. Last month I got a jump rope in my PopSugar box and got really excited about it. I wouldn’t have picked something like that up at the store, but I feel more inclined to use them when they come from the Must Have Box.

PopSugar boxes aren’t like most beauty boxes in that you don’t take a quiz to receive your items. Each box is curated by the PopSugar team and everyone gets the same thing. The Must Have box costs around $39.99 a month, but the value of the goodies inside the box always exceeds the cost. I’ve loved this service for the three months that I’ve had it and will probably continue using it in the future because it’s such a fun subscription.

So let’s dive into the August Must Have Box…

Ocean Tide + Sea Salt Mini Jar Candle by Paddywax ($10)

I’m quickly turning into a candle junkie. I have an amazing candle trio from Volupsa in my bathroom right now, but when that is finished it will all about this Ocean Tide scent. Which will weirdly enough probably be in November. But it’ll be summertime nostalgia by then. Just smile and nod with me on that one.

The scent is definitely leaning  more toward sea salt–like the sea salt scrubs you used to buy at Bath and Body Works–rather than the Ocean Tide end of things. Still it will be great to relax with. And it’s hand-poured soy wax made in the U.S.A. Even if Paddywax is a total farce and is secretly part of some candle conglomerate, I like the idea of supporting an artisan candle company. Plus the adorable rustic packaging can later be re-purposed as a cotton ball holder.

Purple Meal and Dipper Set by Goodbyn ($8)

I can’t presently fathom when I’ll need a storage container with an attached dipper, but maybe that’s just an excuse to start going on picnics! This is a perfect example of an item that I wouldn’t have purchased myself but am glad to find a use for in my life. I’m currently on the hunt for a job and spend a good chunk of my day hunched over a computer, so taking myself out to a nearby park for some much needed vitamin D would be a great thing!

Elle Earrings in Slate by Kendra Scott ($52)

These earrings alone have more than justified the price of the box. They’re classic pale stone drop earrings that are easily wearable in any season. Again, maybe not something I would have been immediately drawn to in the store, but I’m excited to add them to my collection.

The box also came with a coupon code for 20% off a purchase at, so that’s an additional treat. I did some online window shopping last night and don’t know if I will actually use the code or not. Kendra Scott has some stunning pieces but they’re also at stunning prices. I’m trying to be better about budgeting my fun-money so her pieces are just a little rich for my blood at the moment. Which makes the earrings all the more exciting!

Celebrate!  Cookie Mix by The Mason Jar Cookie Company ($12)

I have a feeling I’m going to be excessively grateful for this cookie mix on some odd night in the future. All you have to do is add butter and an egg, mix, and bake. Insta-delicious cookies! It came in this plastic package that looks like a mason jar but takes up less than half the space in my cabinets. I’m in love. These would also make great gifts given the price and the variety on their website. I definitely poked around on there and am so intrigued with this company. When I finally get around to making them I’ll have to do a review to see if they’re worth the hype in my head. Just for sheer amusement though, you should check out .

Lollia’s At Last Perfumed Shower Gel ($22)

I just opened this product to describe the scent and sat here smelling it for a good minute. This gel smells intoxicatingly good. You know how people constantly smell babies? Well this gel smells like babies toddling around in a flower field. Happy and sweet. Officially speaking, the scent is white petals and rice flower. But that’s essentially babies toddling around in a flower field. The gel also has some lovely ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter so your skin will be happy with it too. This sucker is 8 fluid ounces. Huge product! And the packaging is darling. It vaguely reminds me of Marc Jacobs’ packaging, which is always chic. I will proudly display this in my shower as soon as I’m done with the half dozen other soaps and washes I need to work through. Sigh.

Lush Fruit Lip Gloss by Bite Beauty in the color PopSugar ($22)

This is my first ever Bite Beauty lippie! And what’s even more exciting is that Bite made this color specifically for PopSugar’s second birthday. The shade matches the bright pink of the delivery box. There are strawberry, coconut, and avocado oils in the gloss so it should be nourishing as well as stylish. That also explains why it smells like a Jamba Juice. If all goes well with this lip gloss I may get brave and try other Bite lip products.

Bonus! thinkThin’s Brownie Crunch High Protein Bar

Now, I haven’t tried this bar yet mostly because I’m scared of protein bars. Especially ones that label themselves High Protein bars. Typically with this kind of food product there is a powdery vitamin dense after taste that is vaguely metallic. I have quit many a protein bar in the past because of that dreaded taste. But I’m cautiously optimistic about this one because of the brownie part. I’ll give it a shot in any event.

So that is the monthly round-up for the PopSugar Must Have Box. Total box value for August  is $126!

If you’d like to give PopSugar a shot click on this referral link: . Unfortunately, PopSugar only ships within the US, but there’s always the hope of expansion. Box subscriptions come in one month, three month, six month, or 12 month increments.

What’s your favorite beauty box?

3 thoughts on “August PopSugar Must Have Box

  1. I have been considering giving those good box subscriptions a try for a while now but never knew which one to try. After reading this though I really wanna try that one. 🙂


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